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About KYDO

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About KYDO

The Korea Young Dream Orchestra (KYDO) is created by the Agriculture Community Dream Foundation in cooperation with the local children centers and study centers in Kangwon, Gyeonggi, Gyeongnam, Gyeongbuk, Jeju, Chungnam, and Chungbuk. The orchestra was created in 2011 and consists of youth from Custodial Family, Single-Parent Family, Multi-Cultural Family, and other discriminated societies.

This program aims to provide opportunity for the Korean-American young musicians to share their talents with the children in the motherland. It also provides the Korean participants to build relationship with Foreign students. KYDO is the Korean “El Sistema,” which is a successful music program established in Venezula for the children of low-income families. Conductor Nanse Gum is leading the program as the artistic director.

KYDO US Mission

KYDO-US carries on the same purpose and goals of its parent organization, Korean Youth Dream Orchestra (KYDO), to serve 25 selected rural areas in Korea. The Agriculture Community Dream Foundation gave accreditation in March 2012.

KYDO Summer Program

KYDO-US visits Korea every summer break to provide service in form of music, mentoring, and simply exchanging cultural values with children from rural areas in Korea. Back at the states, the KYDO-US members regularly volunteer at local nursing homes and organize small performances for the elders.

KYDO Annual Concert

KYDO Joint Concert will consist total of 260 members from all over the country. KYDO-US will join other KYDO members from Korea, China, and Russia. Also faculties from Eurasia Orchestra and some college students from Korea will be joining for the concert. The concert provides opportunity for children with disadvantage background to obtain hope and pursue their dream. 

KYDO Northern California Global Hope Project 

Children from the Korean rural areas are invited to Northern California to share their musical talents and to experience American culture.   They project aims to provide rich   experience of visiting prestigious universities and UN East Bay Chapter, participating   in cultural and musical workshops, and to perform at international stage.

KYDO Local Volunteer Works

KYDO –US services as a volunteer at local nursing homes, and participate in local communities event, varying cultural and workshops.

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Korean Youth Dream Orchestra-US



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