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2018 KYDO UN Refugee Benefit Concert Feb. 3rd, 2018 6:00PM

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2018 KYDO 
Adopt -A -Future UN Refugee Benefit Concert &  North Korea Human Right 
재미청소년재능기부단 세종청소년필하모닉 초청, 평창올림픽 성공과 통일기원 기금모금연주회    

Over 65 million people have fled their homes and risked their lives in search of refuge.  Most are children, but less than half have access to education.  The United Nations Association of the United States in tandem with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and its fundraising arm USA for UNHCR is working to prevent a lost generation by giving refugee children the education they need to build a better future with the Adopt-A-Future project (

It is in this context that the KYDO US and UN Association, East Bay Chapter are planning to hold a fundraiser concert coinciding with the visit of the KYDO  (Korea Young Dream Orchestra) in the US on Saturday February 3, 2018.  This event conveys a Korean aura with the important theme of children from Korea and the US from diverse ethnic backgrounds helping other children stranded on the African continent in a refugee camp located in the Dadaab (Hagaderq) in Kenya.  The second classroom to be built with the raised funds will complement the future primary and secondary school of approximately 954 female and 1,813 male students.  We are very happy to include as part of the fundraiser, the efforts to uphold human rights in North Korea.   It is, therefore, a great privilege for us to request the honor of your presence at the benefit concert for Adopt-A-Future and Human Rights for North Korea on February 3, 2018.

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